MA Urban Design Studio | Group 3: Tactical Design Precedents
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Group 3: Tactical Design Precedents


Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, 2014


Basurama, Victor Manuel, CCE (Cultural Center of Spain)

Intended audience:

The local community and especially the children, since the function of the project is a playground.

Long-term purpose of the project

On the occasion of the Eco Carnaval in 2014, ICEF (Cultural Institute of French Expression) and CCE proposed to Basurama to perform an intervention in the Chinese Neighbourhood. The public space in Malabo is non-existent. The purpose of the project was to give quality of usage to the place and utilization of a vacant space by the community.

How is the project tactical?

The problem that they addressed was the lack of public space utilization and play areas. Their tactic through this intervention was to change this situation and create a culture of utilization of public space in Malabo.  The materials used were pallets, plastic bottles and boxes. The general aim of Basurama (basura means in Spanish trash) is to address to society and generate new thoughts and attitudes towards the reuse of waste.  The project’s idea is not only for this specific place, but it can be reproduced to many similar circumstances. It is cheap, easy constructed and can be removed and installed elsewhere.


Fg.1 The tactical intervention in use of the neighborhood


Fig.2 The tactical intervention in use of the neighborhood


Fg.3 Isometric illustration of the tactical intervention





Emthonjeni—Places Of Learning and Socialisation in an Informal Settlement
Monwabisi Park, Khayelitsha


VPUU (Violence Prevention Through Urban Upgrading)

Intended audience:

Residents within the community (children and adults)

Long-term purpose of the project:

The Emthonjeni project aims to deliver affordable, high quality universal Early Childhood Development(ECD) as the most effective long term crime and violence prevention strategy. The vision of VPUU  in MP is to build safe and integrated communities by upgrading the existing settlement without relocating people outside of the area.

How is the project tactical?

Emthonjeni is perceived as a multifunctional place for children to play and learn in a safe environment and as a space for adult socializing (services and utilities including). Agents through a series of workshops and meetings managed to develop and design small public spaces to support and encourage learning, also have built up some services and utilities to attract adults to monitor children. The concept is that well-distributed ECD centres provide services to all children within the community. The tactics eventually led to a reduction of crime and violence in Monwabisi Park.


Fig.4 Area identified for Emthonjeni


Fig.5 Completed Emthonjeni


Fig.6 Activation of Emthonjeni




Jiali Cai