MA Urban Design Studio | Group ?: Tactical Design Precedents
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Group ?: Tactical Design Precedents

This project was led by AAA (Atelier d’Architecture Autogeree) together with local users and external collaborators. It took place in La Chapelle area of northern Paris from 2001 to 2005. (Urban Tactics, n.d)

The project focuses on using space in a flexible manner to preserve urban biodiversity. This is done by promoting the cohabitation of different life style practices and encouraging residents to occupy and use temporary spaces that are ‘derelict and underused’.  (Archinterior trendsecture, 2013)

The development of the project began with the installation of temporary gardens using recycled pallets with soil as the base. (Urban Tactics, n.d). Each module used 2 pallets that were positioned one on top of the other creating paths and small gardens where inhabitants had the possibility to grow flowers and plants for their own consumption. Additionally, it is characterised by its flexible nature which makes it easy to move from one place to another. (Archinterior Trendsecture, 2013)

Furthermore, Ecobox was created with the intention that residents use the space for communitarian purposes through the organisation of different activities among the local inhabitants. During the weekends, the space can be used for concerts, dances, film screenings, workshops and meals; hosting the l’AMAP La Chapelle (local association of conscious consumers and agricultural producers) (Archinterior Trendsecture, 2013).


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Shashank Achanthodi