MA Urban Design Studio | Group 11: Tactical Design Precedents
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Group 11: Tactical Design Precedents

Case 1: PICO Proyecto de Interés Comunal (Caracas) / Espacios de Paz / Spaces for Peace,

http:// picoestudio. tumblr. com/


Spaces for peace
July-August 2014



PICO Estudio

Intended audience:

Local residents

Motivation (Long-term Purpose):

This project focuses on transforming the communities which have high violence rates and lack of connection or responsibility to the city into more peaceful spaces. Also, it aims to create social dynamics which invite new ways of living in communities, modifying categories that rule the daily life, transforming vacant plots into powerful spaces for their inhabitants.


In Petare, one work team transformed a self-built house which was once a drug trafficking venue into a community space. They analysed the program that would be the most useful to the community- the design process needed to be flexible in order to accommodate last minute changes and future uses. Furthermore, an analysis was undertaken to bring the home a better interior structure as well as to support the new program. At ground level, a mural covers the decrepit concrete foundation and brings new life to the street. They spent one week on the design and four weeks building; the last week was dedicated to checking the results.

petare-before and after

petare-basketball court



Espacios de Paz spaces for peace in Venezuela | Livegreenblog (no date) Available at:

Itoro (2014) PICO estudio transforms urban venezuela with 5 spaces for peace. Available at:




Case 2: PKMN [Pacman] ARCHITECTURES ( Madrid),




Agents of change:

Mi5 Arquitectos 

PKMN [pacman]

Stakeholders involved:

Client:Urban Teruel
Contractors: Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (F.C.C.)
Architectural Technologists: María del Carmen Nombela and Ana Macipe.
Structure Engineering: Mecanismo Diseño y Cálculo de Estructuras S.L.
Systems Engineering: Solventa Ingenieros Consultores S.L.
Geotechnics: Geodeser S.A.
Topography: Julia del Toro
Intended audience: visitors, tourist

Motivation: Education (pedagogical), re-generation
This project shows a new expression in urban design, especially for such an important city in the history. It provides the structure of the possibilities to explore the public activities, such as education, meeting activities, fun and sports. It also increases the power and strength of the city life.


This project first demolishing the old structure, make the underground as a theme park and also introduce a plenty of youth activities into this structure. Secondly, re-design the existing area as Public Square to encourage and enhance the vitality of the city and also enhance the communication of people. The lights and landscape setting of the public community space enhance the whole day’s value of the site. Through these processes, the new layer construe create plenty public facilities (in door and out door) to make this place as a mixed use area for visitors and tourist.







Photography: Miguel de Guzmán ( / Javier de Paz (

Yi Zhu