MA Urban Design Studio | Group 9: Tactical Design Precedents
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Group 9: Tactical Design Precedents

Cape Town

Freedom Walk Initiative    South Africa 2011freedom-walk-image-5_2 freedom-walk-image-4_2


Agent/s of change:

Makeka Design Labs

Mokena Makeka

Intended audience:freedom-walk-image-1_2 freedom-walk-image-6_2

People who passing through the corridor between

Cape Town Station and the Cape Town Stadium

72 910 spectators for Stadium events

Purpose of the project:Inclusive / Vibrant

Through a series of urban interventions, it aimed atfreedom-walk-image-3_2 freedom-walk-image-2_2

creating an innovative and vibrant corridor of activity

between Cape Town Station and Cape Town Stadium.

Using a combination of permanent, semi-permanent

and temporal interventions to generate an unique and

identifiable space.

The project tactical:

It using culture to activate urban regeneration in thefreedom-walk-image-7

central city in order to build an inclusive civic identity

and a vibrant economy for Cape Town. The route in

itself will begin to attract tourist and local interest, and

become a showcase for local talent and entrepreneurs

heritage garden.
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The Slovo Park Project   2012

Agent/s of change:slovo_framework-16

Mohau Melani (Slovo Park Community Development Forum Leader)

Intended audience:

Postgraduate students from the University of Pretoria,

Slovo Park community, Youth Forum.

Purpose of the project:Inclusive / Vibrant

Focus on attaining and defining

A long-term vision of community upliftment, self-sustainability

andimg_3841-copy development.Involvement of the community, accommodate

new needs considering the further development of Slovo Hall.  

Providing for more occasions of community gathering.


The important information was documented and

conveyed into a more accessible format using an organogram.programmes-1

Define research themes:Infrastructure, Meeting places,

Business, Safety and Children helped to categorize and

map the needs, problems and potentials found within

Slovo Park.

During the mapping process, an interview with the Community’s

Business Forum leaders revealed that the community was already

contributing to the process of problem solving on their own. 

After attending another meeting with the Business Forum, theslovo-vision-projects-2

enthusiasm over the work completed by the students ignited the

idea that this research could be translated into another built intervention.

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