MA Urban Design Studio | Group 10: Neighbourhood tactics
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Group 10: Neighbourhood tactics



Context analysis:

The topic of our group is the space and social value of the site in Jeppestown. After a series of land usage and social value analysis, our group decided to address our initial process on an eastern block next to the park, where places are typically mix-used, (residential, industries, and car parking). In addition, the site in a manner connected with the park, which already became a social spot in Jeppe.

1.Land use

2. Street


3. Energy nodes


4. Social fabric



Tactical Intervention:

The urban tactic is reshaping the potential spaces (voids between constructions, rooftops, and abandoned buildings) in the area, providing the multi-functional, vertical, and accessible social spaces for the public. We chose the site, which is surrounded by Jules St., Hans St., Janie St., and John Page Dr. as our pilot archetype. Firstly, we identified some voids between the buildings and propose to apply new use in it. Then, we propose to connect the voids with other public spaces, using the rooftops and building the pedestrian bridges. Finally, we planning to add some cultural elements such as benches and sculptures on the street, utilize the materials from the industrial areas.



2.Bad buildings & Rooftops


3.Green spaces



4. Voids



5. Strategy



Impact analysis:

To harness the influence and popularity of the park to attract human activities, the archetype aims to create a tangible and intangible social network between buildings and blocks. Providing places as a vessel for the ecologic and economic engagements. The social values in a manner will be re-appropriated.



Yiyun Gong