MA Urban Design Studio | Group 12: Neighbourhood tactics
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Group 12: Neighbourhood tactics

The topic that we have chosen for our study of the site in Jeppestown is livelihood and job creation. By in-depth study of this topic with detailed mapping of the site we realized the factors effecting the area and the problems that were being faced by the locals.

Land Use


Our site had a high population density with mostly the blacks living in the neighborhood and a low employment rate to attain a good livelihood therefore the amount of robberies is comparatively high as the people lack many basic necessities.


Income Density


Population Density

population safety

The solution that we purpose as our intervention to this problem was to create a local market for the jobless people, the homeless and the street vendors. The market would serve many different functions such as , it would act as a place for trade at day time, after the pack up hours it would act as a playground area for children and at night there are small cubical on the upper portion in the module for the homeless to sleep in. It would act as a plug in and out module with being cost efficient, easily movable and easy construction features.


site materials activities

Results of the Intervention









Syeda Maham Ithar