MA Urban Design Studio | Group 2: Neighbourhood Tactics
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Group 2: Neighbourhood Tactics



Jeppestown is a neighbourhood situated in the south west of Johannesburg. Jeppe, as locals call it, has strong issues of spatial inequality and urban landscape due to its mix of land use. The topic we choose to approach our research was ecosystem and urban ecologies.

For the context analysis we situated ourselves in “Jeppe” using different tools. First, we made a virtual tour using Google street view. We worked together with another group in the making of a map where we wrote down our observations to analyze and understand better the site.

We understand the ecosystem of Jeppestown as the set of actors that play a role in the creation and conservation of the community’s identity. At first sight, it was determined that Jeppe Park was the heart of the area. People gather in this place on a weekly basis to do a variety of activities. It is recognized as a ritual space where they go to pray, dance, play football and relax.


General nalysis of the site made in collaboration with Group 3.


Analysis of land use of Jeppestown, based on the draft map from above.


Map of green spaces around the area.


Street analysis.


Taking Jeppe Park as reference, our tactic will focus on re-appropriating the streets enhancing the landscape. The intervention seeks to blur the existing contrast on the urban landscape providing with more green spaces on the streets. Local users will be benefitted from the connection of Hans Street and Janie Street, which will be a leisure place for pedestrians and cyclists only. Our long-term vision for “Jeppe” is that the block we selected serves as a module we can later multiply for the other ones around Jeppestown.



baiDomestic eco-community map.


Representation of tactic on abandoned building.


Proposal for sidewalk landscape 1.


Proposal for sidewalk landscape 2.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Group 2 - Intervention Proposals

Reclaimed pedestrian path.



Socio-cultural hub in the converted Street.





Yosua Sianipar