MA Urban Design Studio | Group 9: Neighbourhood tactics
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Group 9: Neighbourhood tactics

Our main topic for our site in Braamfontein is inner space and our secondary topic is the mobility of bicycle. After analysis the site through mapping, we found that the inner space between the buildings are in disordered condition. Also some entrances of the inner space are covered with rubbish and lack of attraction. So we decided to choose six blocks within the Jorissen St, Biccard St, Juta St and Bertha St, which cover different kinds of inner space and the bicycle routine.

1.Function Analysis


2.Floor Height


3.Building Entrance Analysis


4.Vehicle Direction & Cycle Path Analysis


5.Inner Space Analysis


Our tactical intervention is to re-appropriate the inner space between the buildings in the chosen area and to make a full use of it. To achieve this, we firstly analysis the current situation of the inner space and we found that some of them are empty but some of them have different kinds of decoration such as umbrellas. So our tactical intervention is to furthest keep the prime decoration and material style, then combine the function of the surrounding buildings and give different use to the inner space base on that. Secondly, we complete the bicycle routine and add some bicycle parking places in the area to make the place more accessible. Thirdly, we add some underground bin in the place which may have more waste. Considering some people may use the inner spaces as the shortcuts of streets, we also add some lights to make the inner space more safe for people to pass by during night.

6.Cycle Path Analysis


7.Bins Addition


8.Bike Parking Addtion


9.Landscape Addition